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Professionalism and ethics in business

The design, implementation and servicing of your technical installations should be performed by experienced specialists. Regardless of whether you are just starting your own business or you are a market leader, thanks to over 30 years of practice, we are able to provide the highest technical level of services provided while maintaining timeliness. Contact us to find out how we can help you.

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About us

Professionalism and ethics in business

We are a team of professionals from over

30 years of professional experience. Our employees cooperated with brands such as Philips Electronics, E.Leclerc, Carrefour, Jeronimo Martins and CRIST. However, despite our experience, we focus on constantly improving the qualifications of our technical staff. According with our mission, we always approach projects with the highest 
professionalism and business ethics.

Our offer

Maritime & Inland Projects

For many years, we have been providing professional engineering services in the field of: design, implementation, operation, service and auditing of technical infrastructure both in land and sea facilities. We specialize primarily in the design and construction of power installations

and teletechnical as well as industrial and facility automation. Discover our full range by clicking below.


Father and Son

HTC System has been offering the highest quality technical solutions for inland and maritime projects for years.

Discover how we support our satisfied customers.

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As a permanent cooperator of the Gdańsk Repair Shipyard, we have performed dozens of works on renovated and newly designed units in the field of power, telecommunication and locksmith installations.


"HTC is a solid and reliable business partner and always fulfills assigned tasks on time"

Wojciech Zieliński, Repair Shipyard

HTC-System for CRIST


Over the years, with CRIST, we have completed many advanced projects, which included: power plant wiring, installation of lighting and ventilation, construction of a fiber optic network and installation of an additional system increasing employee safety. We also managed to modernize the lighting system of the Hull Hall, reducing electricity consumption by over 50%!

HTC-System for VISTAL

For VISTAL, in 2013-2014, we built 2 power stations with a total capacity exceeding 6 MVA. Additionally, we have installed security systems in the form of alarms, cameras and fire protection installations. We were also entrusted with the construction of the IT system and lighting for both office and industrial purposes.