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HTC-System builds installations powered by Sustainable Energy Sources

We care about the society and the environment by creating value in harmony with sustainable development's best practices.


We ensure it by active participation in newly built PV farms that significantly contribute to increasing the share of renewable energy sources in the Polish energetic mix.


Our engagement in developing innovative and reliable renewable energy off-grid installations is best showcased in the surroundings of Northern Port in Gdańsk where our systems assure safety of the maritime traffic.


HTC-System’s involvement in sustainable development is focused on two main goals outlined in the UN’s Sustainable Development report. We believe that together we can make a difference.


Electric ferries for NORLED

        In 2019, we accomplished projects involving the construction of four Norled electric passenger-car ferries. The Norwegian shipowner signed a contract with a Polish shipyard covering the construction of units powered by an electric-hybrid battery. Ferries of this type significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions, compared to other ships with high fossil fuel consumption.


          The HTC-System company dealt with electrical equipment, installation and power supply. This equipment was based on the highest efficiency criteria, and the pulling type propulsions ensure high efficiency at very low loads. We also worked on a modern heating and ventilation system for the unit.

          Hybrid ferries powered by rechargeable batteries base their operation on energy efficiency, which includes, among others: LED lighting, power supply systems for devices based on frequency converters, energy-saving ventilation and air-conditioning systems, hull paint that minimizes friction, low ship weight and streamlined shape.


     Four ferries operate connections in the area of ​​the Norwegian fjords Festoya-Solavagen and Mannheller-Fodnes. Each shuttle has two azimuth thruster. The generators are powered exclusively by bio-diesel fuel and are only used in the event of a battery system failure.

     The scope of HTC-System's work included, among others: laying cabling, fastening all cable tracks and individual approaches on board the three ferries, installation of fire pumps, installation of the evacuation system, installation of the air conditioning and ventilation system, installation of heat pumps, electrical installation of the automation power supply and fuel system, electrical installation of remotely controlled valves and locksmith work.



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