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HTC-System is all about professionalism and ethics in business.

Explore our range of reliable technical services and see how we can help you and your business


Proffessional technical solutions


Complex systems in maritime


Construction, modernization, renovation and operation:

• power stations,

• MV and LV power lines,

• MV and LV switchgears,

• structural networks,

• Lighting for industrial facilities and outdoor areas,

• CCTV cameras, fire alarms,

• installations for access control, RFID, AC and RCP,

• Ship industrial automation and building automation,

• Control and periodic measurements of the installation.

Inland Projects

All finalized projects we use the highest quality materials compliant with the standards to ensure safe execution. Our specialists have the highest-class assembly, measurement, operational and supervision qualifications.


Maritime Projects

Working for many years with the largest shipyards, we perfectly understand the challenges of the industry. Even with the most demanding projects, we deliver solutions on time, in accordance with the highest requirements and quality confirmed by certificates. For this reason, we are constantly trusted by, among others, the Repair Shipyard(Stocznia Remontowa Gdansk).

  • Comprehensive implementation of new electrical and radio-navigation installations,

  • Renovation of existing installations,

  • Energy independence: wind turbines, PV panels, power generators,

  •  Yacht beds: design and prefabrication,

  • Battery efficiency test,

  • Electrical measurements,

  • Thermovision measurements,

  • Thorough inspections of yacht installations.

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